jeudi 11 juin 2015

Xymox - Obsession

Interprète: Xymox
Titre: Obsession
Année: 1989
Billboard: #16

Clan of Xymox, aussi connu selon le nom de Xymox à certaines époques de leur carrière et familièrement désigné par les fans par l'acronyme COX, est un groupe darkwave/rock gothique formé en 1983 à Nimègue, aux Pays-Bas, par Ronny Moorings et Anke Wolbert, des membres originaux, seul Ronny Moorings fait encore partie du groupe de nos jours.

Clan of Xymox, also known as simply Xymox, are a Dutch rock band formed in 1981. Clan of Xymox featured a trio of songwriters — Pieter Nooten, Ronny Moorings and Anka Wolbert — and gained success in the 1980s, releasing their first two albums on a prestigious independent UK label, a third and fourth album on a major US label and scoring a hit single in the United States. Early pioneers of the dark and moody electronic music known as dark wave, their 1980s releases included synthpop/electronic dance music.
Though the band is still active and continues to tour and release records, of the original songwriters (Nooten, Moorings and Wolbert), only Moorings remains in the band today. After the departure of Nooten and Wolbert in the early 1990s, their music turned increasingly goth.

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